How To Promote Services On LinkedIn To Boost Your Business

During this time, the number of LinkedIn users are getting more and more. This social media is not like the others, such as Instagram or Facebook. People use it for professionals like to seek a job opportunity, inform your working experience, and etc. But, on the other hand, LinkedIn is also useful to grow your business. No matter you cater the Business to Business (B2B) or directly to the client. So, find out how to promote services on LinkedIn for business development.

how to promote services on linkedin

One of the advantages of using LinkedIn as your media promotion is you can find the right market. They connect to the potential partner or client which mostly experienced in their line. Thus, it is not like exploring a jungle. That is why LinkedIn is different from other platforms. See how to promote services on LinkedIn below:

1. Build a Company Page

In any platform, you are not recommended to use one account as your own and your business. It is better to divide, then, you can connect both of them. The LinkedIn profile page is different from a personal one. The look is more represented by your business and brand values. Even you are running a small business, still, a professional reputation is a must.

2. Update Frequently

Running promotion online is about building trust. One of the ways you can do is updating your page frequently. It shows to the people that the business is still on and has various products. Design the attractive massage, starts from the wording, the poster, and anything. The information doesn’t always have to be a promotion, you can post an article, like tips or news. Don’t forget to relate all post with the product or service you offer.

3. Make a Group

A great thing about social media is meeting people around the world with the same interest. LinkedIn allows the user to create a group based on a hobby, interest issue, and many things. If you are able to connect your business to general things in everyday life, you can make a group. Stir a discussion that relates to your business. Try to add value and enrich the member’s knowledge. They will be happy to stay long inside your group.

4. Join the Other Groups

While you are maintaining your group, don’t forget to show your existence in other places. Join the other groups which still relate to your business. It is okay to be in a group where the potential customers are. Slow but sure, you can start to promote your business. But, never be a spammer, unless you are happy being blocked by the members.

5. Get a Partnership on Board

LinkedIn is where you can find professional people. If your business is potentially developed into a corporate or higher level, try to contact those professional people. Send them a direct message to introduce what you have. Offer a solution, not only a product. Once you can touch their main business, then they are probably interested in you and invite you for a presentation. This is a kick to build a partnership.

Those are the simple ways about how to promote services on LinkedIn. Learn more about social media because there are lots of useful features to boost your business. If you have loyal customers, ask them to leave good comments or testimonials. It helps the new customer to believe the quality of your products or services.