Free Online Course at Digital Marketing co-workers

Digital marketing has been an important issue nowadays. A lot of things need the presence of it. Not only to introduce the brand to the market, but also for campaign use. However, knowing this subject is not an easy thing to do. Especially for those who are already working as a staff or as an entrepreneur. One of the solutions is with joining a free online course at digital marketing. It is free and it does not take many times.

There are no limitations ages when it comes to learning. Joining a free online course in digital marketing could be a great idea to increase anyone’s skill. Moreover, people could add their knowledge about a lot of things within. People could meet other ones who are in the same passion and sector. Here are some online courses people could join and do not need to pay.

1. The simple WordStream PPC University

For those who are in a small to medium business, this course is suitable. PPC University offers lessons from beginning materials up to experts. This course would upgrade the skill with many modules and classes. People could also join several seminars to add their knowledge. Moreover, they could access easily it on their smartphone. So people could learn anytime and anywhere they want to.

2. The world-experience Google Online Marketing Challenge

Another free online course at digital marketing that people could join, is the Google online marketing challenge. It would give a course with a different perspective and also real-world experience. People could learn many things such as engine marketing, advertising, analytics, video, and other more. Besides that, the most successful student would win a prize from Google.

3. The Alison E-Business Free Diploma

A great way to learn online is by joining Alison. It has more than six million participates already. Even though the course is free, after finishing the course, people would get a certificate. People could join the Diploma in E-Business class to upgrade their skills. Starting from AdWords, campaign, Google Analytics, and many more.

4. The Social Media Quickstarter

Social media Quickstarter is a free online course at digital marketing that focuses on social media. It affirms the opportunity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other review sites. Even the beginners could join this course because people could easily understand the step-by-step lessons. In the end, they could try a practical example.

5. The inbound HubSpot Academy

The online course by HubSpot Academy is taught directly by 38 lectures. It has many courses in it which one of them is an online marketing course. People would learn basic marketing, blogging, SEO, marketing strategy and many more. Not only they would get material and courses, but also they have to get through an exam. After passing the test, graduates would receive a badge that shows their knowledge of marketing. People could use it in their CVs.

Right now, learning something could be done anywhere and anytime. Including joining a free online course at digital marketing. Some of  them even give a certificate that shows the user’s skills in marketing.