Best Apps You Should Install In Android Phone To Start Your Productive And Happy Life

Having an android phone sometimes makes you want to have a bunch of apps. But actually, not all apps you install will be useful. This is 7 best apps you should install in android phone to make you have a productive and happier life.

1. Evernote

Evernote is actually available for android, windows, and iOS. This is why it included in best apps you should install in android phones.

You can share all the important notes to your friend, business partner, or family through these apps even they not use an android phone. It is very useful and complete as a note saver.

Simply write down all important things, job, grocery list, wish list or any idea inside these apps. You will have more productive lives after using Evernote.

2. Spotify

The next best apps you should install in android phone is Spotify. This is one of the incredible apps which offer you a thousand or maybe more songs for free.

Of course, you can be a VIP member by paying some dollars, but even as a free member you will get a lot. This apps is really great to use while you are spending your relaxing time, or want to work with music.

You can adjust the music according to your favorite song, make a playlist, and etc. The quality of music is also very good. And the most important thing is all you hear is legal.

3. WPS Office

The next apps are the WPS office. It is like a bundle of the office suite that will make your job easier. You can check almost all types of documents, spreadsheets, pdf, and presentation files.

If there is something wrong or need to revise, you can revise it through these apps. No need to transfer the file to your computer anymore. Just do your job right in your hand, anywhere, anytime.

Moreover, the size of the app is also not too big. So it won’t make your android phone work slower.

4. Canva

If you like to make your Instagram feed and story have professional or artistic, this apps is perfect. You can do more than just making pretty posts and stories but also make a poster, leaflet, booklet, and etc.

Canva has a bunch of free templates that are so beautiful. No need to think more to make a story.

Just choose which one do you like, edit, and post. This app will make you look like a pro in a minute.

5. Dropbox

Then android has Dropbox. It is for saving your files online. You can synchronize your account on the computer, and phone.

So if you need to access some file in a hurry, you don’t need to send it manually by wifi, Bluetooth, or USB. Simply log in, and access the data.

Dropbox is also safe to use. It can manage your file very well. And you can get a big saving space for free there.

6. Google Maps

Who wants to get lost? No one will, and if you don’t like to get lost on the way to anywhere you want to go, you need Google Maps. Install this app and ask how to go to anywhere to Google Maps.

This app will lead you to the fastest route, and tell you if there might be a traffic jam. You will save your travel time with these apps, especially if you are going to a place for the first time. Just trust the maps and arrived safely.

7. Youtube

Then, you also can install Youtube. This apps is free and you can even get money from them.

You can just be a Youtube viewer or be a Youtuber too. These apps are user-friendly so you won’t be confused even for the first time using it.

Youtube can synchronize to every gadget you have, just with logging in to the same email. All playlist you have made, subscribed channel, and watch history can easily open anywhere.

That is all the best apps you should install in android phone for a productive and happy life. Make sure your android phone has enough space before downloading them.