How To Promote Through Instagram That You Never Expect

The name Instagram may be familiar with people. This social media, Instagram, also become famous and has been used for near all people. Moreover, Instagram has many functions. Not only as of the media for sharing pictures and videos but also as the media for promoting a product. Most of the people used Instagram to spread their business. They use Instagram as promotion media. Then, have you tried to promote your product through Instagram? If you haven’t done it yet, I will kindly explain to you how to promote through Instagram.

How to promote through instagram

1. Provide A Special Account

Wondering about how to promote through Instagram, you may know about the component of Instagram. The main part of Instagram is the Instagram account and. Thus, the first thing you should conduct is to make an Instagram account. You should make a special account. Do not mix it with others. Make that account as a special account just for showing your product. Give the name of your product and other information about your business. Do not post the photos accept your product. Therefore, people will easily know your product.

2. Create Interesting Photos That Make People Interested In

Instagram is all about photos and videos. Thus, you should make people interested in you and point at you by your picture. Create your photos as beautiful or as unique as you can. Do not post the original one without giving editing. Cause, it will make your photo flat and do not interesting. Therefore, by creating good photos, people will easily point at you and your photo will be viral. Then, they will interest in your product and buy some of them.

3. Try To Create Your Hashtag

Do you know the function of a hashtag? A hashtag can make you reach a photo or post on Instagram easily. By clicking the hashtag, people will go to your post and see them. Therefore, it is important to try to make your own hashtag about your product. Put the hashtag in all your posts. The hashtag will invite followers and costumers.

4. Making Such A Giveaway Contest

Why many people conduct such a giveaway contest? The goal of the giveaway is to invite people and show your product to them. Inside the giveaway, there are some requirements that people need to fulfill. Thus, you can make some requirements that give you many benefits such as following you, like or give a positive comment in your post, and many others. Then, give them your product as a giveaway price. Therefore, people will know your product in reality.

5. Give Your Best Response To Your Customer

Sometimes, you will face customers who give you comments or feedback on your Instagram. Then, what you should do for them? The first thing that you must remember is being polite to them. Don’t get angry easily whatever they said to you. Keep giving your best response. Thus, people will assess you as a good seller.

Those are the explanation about how to promote through Instagram. Take a lot of benefits from the media social you used including Instagram. But, you must be aware of all. Don’t hurt any customers. Therefore, be kind and patient in order to invite them to follow and appreciate your product.