How to Promote Listing on eBay to Boost Your Business Sales

Running an online business is interesting but also challenging at the same time. You don’t only compete to gain many customers. Each business is hardly to achieve at the top of the searching machine. So, whenever people need something, your business will be the first one to choose. Thus, eBay has promote listing for the users. If you are still confused to use it, then see the discussion below about how to promote listing on eBay.

Before we talk about how to promote listing on eBay, you need to know the reason why it is important. You will get many benefits from it, such as people will be easier to catch your business, you won’t be charged until people purchase, also you will get the detail report about your campaign. Seeing those advantages, now let’s start to make it yours!

1. Create a Marketing Plan

Every business should have a marketing team. This team will create a program to make the listing more interesting. The people will design the discount coupon, communication materials, until the budget. So, make sure that your team works well and understand how to promote listing on eBay through the next step here.

2. Set the Program

It is the step you cannot avoid that you must decide the listings you want to promote. This promotion will appear as ads on eBay so people can see what your business is. The selection could be based on a category or individual listings. It is up to you because you need to adjust to the goal.

3. Choose the Rate

Making a listing promotion means you create your own campaign. So, the next step is choosing the ad rate based on the sales price. The range is from 1% and 20%. You can choose the rate for a single time ad rate or the trending rate. The trending rate will show you the average that other sellers use. Again, you have to focus on your goal for this.

4. Pay When Purchasing

You only pay to eBay when the purchasing happens. If there is no one but your product, then you won’t spend a cost. The amount you pay based on the rate you have chosen before. You have 30 days for this campaign. So when there is no transaction during that time, there is no charge.

5. Review the Data

As a seller, you have access to see the data. The data will show you the performance of clicks, so you can analyze how effective your campaign is. If you think there is something need to be improved, then fix it directly. You have to maximize this feature to boost your sales.

When you do listing promotion, your business is potentially seen globally. People around the world will find you easily. Thus, you need to really understand how to promote listing on eBay. Because many sellers have proven their advantages. They don’t only boost the sales, but also make a campaign more effective and efficient. Now is your time to have the same success like them!