How to Make a Marketing Budget Breakdown

Making a marketing budget breakdown is important for business owners. Owners would like to spend a small amount of money on marketing strategies. But they would like a big impact on their business. Breaking down a budget is important to reduce unnecessary things. Also, owners would like to spend an effective outcome on their budgets. However, owners must know that a marketing program does not have an instant result. It needs time to approach the main goal.

Even though the owners know that a marketing budget breakdown is important, making up the list might be confusing. Moreover for owners that are not a marketer. Besides a clear strategy, make sure to choose the right breakdown. There are several things that owners must include while making a marketing breakdown. To ease the owners, here are the top five things that they should use.

1. A great marketing content

Owners could promote the business by using blogs, videos, online social media and also offline media. However, to make it interesting enough, the brand must create creative marketing content. Owners could hire a designer or a content writer to help create a nice content. When people notice the post, they would comment and share it which is a great step for marketing. The more people get to engage with the post the better the marketing result.

2. Using a paid Marketing

To support marketing content, owners should use paid marketing as well. Using an advertiser would also be effective. As a marketing budget breakdown, divide the budget into three things. Which are the pay-per-click ads, the banner ads and social media ads? Another adversity for owners to use traffic offline ads. Using paid marketing produce a faster result. It could gather a wide market as well

3. SEO

Still on online marketing, to optimize the post and the brand, owners would need to use the SEO. The business would not only need to build a high quality of content but also a branch out. This is so that it would gather a wider trust of the market to the brand. Owners would need to hire a marketer to handle the SEO. This would boost the content and paid marketing too.

4. Influencer Marketing

Another important thing owners should include in their marketing budget breakdown is an influencer. They would give a different perspective of the view from the audience. Moreover, an influencer is usually a celebrity, a famous athlete, or a trusted figure in the town. People would often look upon their favorite actors or blogger. Brands could use this chance to hire an influencer to endorse the product. Make a list of who would be effective for the market.

5. Events

Besides online marketing, offline event marketing is also important to raise the brand. However, making an event might cause be costly. Owners could gather a conference, a trade show that is likely to be stage advertisements. Or also others like a social event.

Creating a marketing budget breakdown might be a little bit difficult for some business owners, especially when they are new. Furthermore, do not use the entire money at the same time. Divide the use of money for a bigger result

Famous Marketing with YouTube Videos

There are many ways to deliver a campaign from a brand to the market. However, campaigns and marketing must be creative and different. A normal campaign would be less interesting for people to realize. This would also affect people’s purchase on the brand. One of the media that people use as a marketing tool is YouTube. Marketing with YouTube Videos is quite effective, moreover if people use ads.

A good YouTube video depends not only on the video and editing technique, but the content is also very important. One of the famous marketing with YouTube videos is in Thailand. Thailand’s branding videos are famous all over Asia because it presences different content to the market. Rather than making a hard-selling video, they created a nice story in the video. Here are some of the videos that went viral on social media:

1. The Thai Life Insurance, Unsung Hero

This advertises of this Life Insurance has been watched for more than 67,000,000 views on YouTube. The video does not tell a campaign about life insurance or anything about an insurance program. Instead, the video teaches about caring, giving and living in a happy life. The video has a duration of 3 minutes but people seem to keep interested until the end of the video.

2. The C.P Group, Teacher and Mother

To celebrate mom’s day, one of the companies in Thailand used marketing with YouTube Videos. The story tells about an elementary school teacher that always brings his mother to class. There was no one to take care of her beside him. However, the student’s parents didn’t like that. The full video is a heart whelming story that would bring tears to the audience.

3. MetLife Metropolitan Life Insurance, My Dad is a Liar!

By looking at the title, the video would be a touching video between a little girl and her father. The video tells about a daughter who is telling a story about his father. It would remind the audience how sweet the relation between a father and a daughter is. Even though the title is about a lying father, the message in it is meaningful. The video is sweet yet touching

4. Nature Gift Thailand, the Coffee 21

The next brand that uses marketing with YouTube videos is Nature Gift Thailand. They made a video with a duration of 5 minutes about it. The unique thing about the video is that the video tells a story about two women that are trying to change their life. First, people would be confused about what ads it would be. But in the end, they would find the answer.

5. The hilarious bug spray Commercial

A bug spray company, the Chaindrite Crawling Insect Spray made a hilarious video on YouTube. Rather than using insects, they use real humans as insects. Even though it has a hard selling in it, the story and the expressions are funny and also entertaining for the audiences.

Choosing marketing with YouTube videos would be a great option for some brands. However, the video must be interesting enough for people to watch. Otherwise, people would just click the next button on YouTube.