5 Easy Steps On How to Promote Via Instagram Stories

Now many businesses are promoting on Instagram because Instagram is a platform that can reach many people. One popular feature to be used as a business promotion is Instagram Stories. If you are interested in promoting Instagram stories, find out how to promote via Instagram Stories.

It is because many people prefer to see Instagram Stories compared to Posts. Besides, Instagram’s difficult algorithm makes entrepreneurs choose to promote their business on Instagram Stories. The following are the 5 steps on how to promote via Instagram Stories that easy for you to do:

1. Plan Your Ad Design

If you want to promote Instagram Stories, it’s important to plan your ad design. Attractive ad designs will attract the attention of your target audience and they don’t neglect Instagram stories ads. If you want to use one image for advertising, make sure the image you choose has high quality.

Then, you can write simple but strong text at the top of your post. You can also use interesting videos with the text Call to Action. Remember, you only have less than 10 seconds to promote your business through Instagram stories.

2. Make Sure You Meet The Terms and Conditions

Once you have a good advertising design plan, make sure you meet all the terms and conditions. Instagram has an image size requirement for you to upload on Instagram Stories. For example, the image requirements on Instagram Stories have a 9:16 aspect ratio with an image size of 1080×1920.

If you want to use videos to promote your business on Instagram Stories, make sure your videos are in MP4, GIF, or MOV format. The duration of the video must also be specific, i.e. avoid uploading videos more than 15 seconds.

3. Create Your Ad

How to promote via Instagram Stories is so easy because you can use Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor. You must connect your business Instagram account to your Facebook page to promote Instagram Stories. Then, in the ‘Awareness’ tab you can choose ‘Reach’ as your goal.

After that, you can write the name of your campaign then click ‘Continue’ to continue making ads on Instagram Stories. If you choose ‘Reach’, then your posts will have more chance of being seen by your target market. This is very important in doing promotions because the more target markets that see ads on Instagram Stories, the more opportunities they will make a purchase.

4. Choose Placement

After you have successfully written the campaign name, you will see 2 choices, Automatic Placements, and Edit Placement. Automatic Placements will allow your ads to be displayed on several platforms, both Facebook and Instagram. Then, Edit Placement will help you be more specific in determining where you will advertise.

If you want to advertise and do promotions on Instagram Stories, you can choose Edit Placements and click Platforms. Then, you can choose Instagram then Stories to display the ad that you created on Instagram Stories. Furthermore, you can write down how much advertising budget you have and scheduling posts.

5. Choose Ad Format

Finally, you must choose the ad format, whether you will use one image or one video. After you choose the format, you can upload images or video files that you want to display on Instagram Stories. After finishing uploading the file, you can launch your campaign; it’s easy, right?

That’s the 5 steps of how to promote via Instagram Stories, which you can easily apply. Before making ads on Instagram Stories, make sure you have a Facebook account. Because, without having a Facebook account, you will not be able to create and do promotions on Instagram Stories.